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Did you know that Lava Ridge has a fully implemented Comprehensive Guidance

program? That means we have services that address the social, emotional, and aca- demic needs of every student in our school.

All students receive classroom instruction on subjects such as bullying prevention,

resiliency, responsibility, college and career skill-building, and more. This preventa- tive instruction solves problems for approximately 80% of students. They will learn

the skills they need to solve problems and become successful.

An additional 15-20% of students may have specific needs which can be met by more focused instruction through small groups or individual classrooms. Our small groups focus on subjects like emotional regulation, stress management, social skills, and anger and impulse control. We hold these groups throughout the year and the subject matter is determined by the needs of group members.

A further 5-10% of children may need intensive one-on-one interventions which can either be provided through the school counselors, our school social worker or school

psychologist, or which may be referred out to public or private practitioners depend- ing on the specific student need. We are proud to partner with Southwest Behavior- al Health Center for many services and we have a therapist who comes into our

school to address mental health needs.

To access these services, students may be referred by teachers, parents/guardians or even by themselves; and once a referral is made, we work in close collaboration with teachers, families, administration and community to make sure that a success plan is put in place to help with the challenges they may be facing.

Please contact the counselors if you would like more information on anything you’ve read here. We are happy to help! Also, please visit our webpage at for more details. There you will also find a survey which helps us fine tune our program and gives us a better idea of the needs of our school and families. Please take some time today to fill it out!

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