2021-2022    7th Registration

7th Grade Registration  Process

Scroll down to view videos and get information about each of the elective classes. 

1. Read to understand all the information here.

2. Watch the Elective Videos.

3. Use THIS FORM to rank your elective choices.

4. Click on and fill out the Google Form below.

(Students will be filling this out in class on Monday. January 11th. If you miss that date, please do it here.)

Remember, requesting a class doesn't guarantee placement, but we will do our best to honor them.  

Some classes will only be offered if we have enough requests to carry the sections. 

7th Grade Required Classes

​We will be on Semesters/Quarters starting next year.

1 credit=Full Year Class & .5 credit = Half Year Class.

  • Advisory-daily intervention, homework & study help. (1 Credit)

  • Core Academic Classes -Math 7, Language Arts 7, Science 7 (3 Credits)

  • College Career Awareness (CCA) Courses-career exploration and preparation for college admission.   (1 Credit)

  • One semester of Health 1/Phys Ed 7 (.5 Credit)

  • One semester of Utah Studies. (.5 Credit)

  • One full year or two semester Elective Classes totaling (1 Credit).

You should have 7 Credits total. If it helps you to organize you may download/print the worksheet below. You will OFFICIALLY register using the button to the right. 

Elective Classes

Students may choose 1 Credit to fill their schedule. Watch the video/slideshows below to help you decide then fill out the Google Form by clicking the banner below. These requests are due by January 13, 2021.

We will be filling out this link in Advisory class on that day. 

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Check out the Elective Options Below...

Band &




Peer Mentor Teacher Aide




6th Grade Class Requests:  Due by Jan. 22, 2021.

7th Grade Class Requests:  Due by Jan. 15, 2021.

8th Grade Class Requests for SCMS: Due Jan. 21, 2021

7th graders must have completed the PCCR assignment on Schoology in Extension 7 class >> Virtual Counseling Office.

Contact Mrs. Jesienouski for questions or assistance.