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These classes are being considered for the upcoming year and we are gauging interest through our registration process. If they are offered and you have indicated interest, we will add them to your requests. If they are not offered, we will go to your next highest request as rated on the Google Form. 

Pre-CTE classes (.5 Credit/half year) 

These classes are a preview of the 7th grade College and Career Awareness courses.

You can choose from Family and Consumer Science (FACS), Business, or Technology and Engineering (T&E). You will only be allowed to take 1 of these during your 6th grade year and you will take all three in your 7th grade year. 

  • Pre-FACS is an introduction to family and consumer science.  As an introductory class, we will be learning about all areas of family and consumer science including:  foods and nutrition, fashion design and sewing, interior design, child care and some health and food science.

  • Pre-Business

  • Pre-T&E is an introduction to Technology & Engineering. This will be an example based class with units on coding, programming, simple hands-on engineering projects; and new technologies such as 3D printing. 

STEM (1    Credit/full year) 

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. This course will focus on interdisciplinary principles with hands-on learning, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving at its core. Students may cover topics such as Coding, Robotics, Makerspaces, Engineering and Design, and more. Space in this class may be limited. 

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