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Classroom Guidance Curriculum 


Counseling is for ALL students and we deliver our guidance curriculum through classroom lessons. Topics include: Signs of Suicide prevention lessons, social/emotional learning, career and college readiness, personal and social skills, bully prevention, resiliency, respect and responsibility. Every student benefits from having contact with their school counselor.

Individual Counseling

For a few students who struggle, meeting one-on-one with a counselor is a good fit. Please keep in mind, however, that we are not therapists. We take a short-term, solution-focused approach to help students overcome challenges that keep them from success at school. If a student is in need of further assistance, we will help families and students connect with the appropriate community resources to find the help that they need. ​

Click Here to make a referral. 

Small Group Support

Some students may benefit from working in a group setting with peers who are experiencing similar life events. We partner with Southwest Behavioral Health and DOVE Center to offer small groups throughout the year. 


Small group topics can include:

  • anger management,

  • coping with divorce/grief,

  • stress/anxiety management,

  • relational aggression/bullying

  • and more.


Ask your counselor if a small group may be right for you! 

Responsive Service & Crisis intervention

When it comes to crisis intervention at Lava Ridge, your counselors are on the front lines. We step up to the tears, fears, questions, confusion, and trauma; we help to facilitate healing. We will direct you to the resources and professional services you need to deal with whatever you are feeling. 

Community Resources

Professional Collaboration & System Support

Counseling and supporting students is a team effort. We not only work with parents and students, but teachers, administrators, special educators, community members and business leaders to make sure that every avenue of success is available to our students.


We do this through the following:

  • Behavior Screenings-ADHD

  • Special Education Consultation 

  • Teacher Collaboration 

  • RTI and PBIS 

  • Interdisciplinary Teams- I-Teams

  • Tier 3 Intervention Response Team


Online Services

Check out some of our online videos and websites for additional resources and helpful information. 

We are grateful to Stand4Kind for sponsoring many of our activities and programs! 

Tier 1 Support
Tier 2 Support
Tier 3 Support

Parent & Family Support

We offer support to families in understanding the school community and assisting with school concerns. Some ways we can help: 


  • Develop effective education, behavior plans, and interventions. 

  • Facilitate meetings with students, teachers, or school administrators as  needed and involve parents for student success.

  • Help parents/guardians gain access to student’s grades and attendance as needed. 

  • Offer district and community referral sources for student and family support. 

  • Provide accurate information to assist with student’s academic, social- emotional behavior needs.

  • Assist with after-school programs. 

  • See Community Resources below for parenting classes and other helps.

  • Weekly Tech Tips from Mr. LD

Information, Education and Referral

Throughout the year, we will be offering helpful information meetings, workshops, and parent nights to share ideas, set goals and make future plans for navigating school and becoming college and career ready.

Please make sure we have your email and contact information on file so that we can let you know when these important events will be. 

Mental Health Services

We are fortunate to partner with Southwest Behavioral Health Center to offer in-school sessions with a licensed therapist for qualified students. Please see your counselor for referral information and paperwork. 


  • Wellness Center

  • Why Try? Motivational Group Support

  • School-based Mental Health Support

  • Family Support Center

We love you and we care about you!

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