Dual Language Immersion Program 

Students entering the 6th grade Dual Immersion Program must have a Teacher Recommendation to continue the program at Lava Ridge. Students who are struggling with the DLI language or in their 5th grade core classes may be asked to finish the program with elementary school.


Dual Language Immersion students in 6th or 7th grade who are below grade level in reading, need academic support, fail to maintain passing grades, or have poor attendance may be asked to drop the program so that they can receive the necessary support classes to be successful here and in the future. Parents will be contacted if this is the case. 

Dual Language Immersion is considered an Honors Elective Class. In order to satisfy the program requirements, 6th grade students must take two classes, World Language (Chinese or Spanish) (1 Credit) AND Social Studies/World Culture class (1 Credit). 7th Grade students will take only the World Language class. 

This means that in most cases, DLI students will not be able to take other elective classes unless they drop classes that are required by the Utah State Board of Education and the Washington County School District. 


These required classes are as follows:


6th Grade: Computer Science/Coding & PE 6

7th Grade: Either the College and Career Series of Classes (Family and Consumer Science, Technology and Engineering, and Business) or Utah Studies and Health/PE 7. (Or a combination of two of these semester classes.) 

If you would like to talk to your counselor about the options for your student, please let us know on the registration form and we will contact you.