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September Newsletter Message

What is good character? How does a person learn to be a kind and caring friend? What are our responsibilities to our self, our school, and our community? Last year, we learned about Resiliency and how we can bounce back when hard things happen in our lives. This year our focus is Responsibility. By the end of the year, students will understand the key principles of being responsible and how they can help make their home, school, community and world better places. Starting in September, our first lesson topic will be Responsibility for Self. We encourage you to talk to your students about these lessons and encourage them to be responsible for man- aging various aspects of their lives such as homework, getting up in the morning, standing up for friends, and more. We expect more from our students as they enter Intermediate School.

Giving them safe opportunities to take charge and even fail to be responsible helps them to learn valuable lessons that will serve them their whole lives. We are grateful for our school/ home partnership and we thank you for the opportunities to serve you and your students!

Make it a great month, Geckos!!

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